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Are you looking to turn your creative ideas into ​tangible 3D models? Search no further! Peter3D ​sculpting service specializes in bringing your ​concepts to life, whether they start as 2D sketches ​or digital designs.

Here's how the service works:

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Submit your ​Idea

Start sharing your concept. You ​can provide it with hand-drawn ​sketches, digital illustrations or ​even a description of your idea.

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Design and ​Model ​Creation

As an experienced designer, I will ​work closely with you to convert ​your 2D concept into a 3D model. I ​use advanced software and ​expertise to ensure precision and ​accuracy.



You have complete control over ​the design process. I offer ​customization options so you can ​refine details, choose materials, ​and determine size and scale.



Once the 3D model is ready, I will ​share it with you for your ​approval. Your feedback is ​essential, and I am committed to ​making any necessary ​adjustments until you are ​satisfied.

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3D printing

After your approval, I can use ​advanced 3D printing technology ​to bring your model to life. My 3D ​printing partners and I ensure ​exceptional high-quality results.


Whether you are an artist, ​inventor or enthusiast, my

3D sculpting service is your ​gateway to turning ideas into ​reality. Contact me today to start ​your journey from 2D to 3D!

Innovation ​that works!

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3D printing transforms production and creativity, offering ​unprecedented possibilities for professionals and hobbyists. This ​technology allows people to create objects directly from digital ​models, breaking traditional limitations. The applications are ​endless: from medical devices to works of art and household ​objects. 3D printing democratizes innovation by giving people the ​freedom to bring their ideas to life and sparking creativity at all ​levels of society.

Excellent customer support has built a reputation for providing excellent customer ​support and receiving positive comments from satisfied ​customers. With great dedication, ensures that he is ​ready to answer questions and provide support at every step of ​the 3D printing process, ensures that customers feel ​supported and can confidently realize their projects. The ​consistent stream of positive feedback is a testament to the ​reliability and quality of their services, making a ​preferred choice for anyone looking for professional 3D printing ​solutions.

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I had a great idea! ​helped me on my way.

A great collaboration, fast and professional results.

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